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Some Instagram Stories just have that wow factor, don’t they?

You know the ones. They’re perfectly laid out, with cool text placement and stunning imagery.

“How do they do it?!”

Chances are, they’ve used an Instagram Story Template.

With 500 million daily active users on Instagram Stories, we can see exactly why making an impression with Stories counts.

And for brands, it’s particularly important to extend the brand message, experience and look across different platforms.

Yep, this includes Stories.

Question: Are you helping your clients to stand out on the Story front?

Here we bring you the best apps for creating beautiful Story templates to turn heads and some hearts.

What are Instagram Story Templates?

Instagram Story templates are like guac to tacos. AKA they make things better.

Essentially, Instagram Story templates are pre-made layouts featuring graphics, colours and sometimes animations.

Brands often use Instagram Story templates to create a consistent aesthetic on their Stories. By doing this, the brand experience is extended to the Story reel. And subtle (aesthetically pleasing) inclusions of branded fonts, colours and logos all help to build familiarity and trust with a brand.

Who is Using Story Templates Well?

To inspire your own or your client’s Instagram Stories, here are three accounts that are using branded Instagram Story templates in all the right ways.

Collage Backgrounds from SHOWPO

Australian fashion brand, SHOWPO, has an extremely strong social media presence. On Instagram in particular, they’re a brand who truly goes the extra mile.

Their Instagram Stories template of choice? Using a collaged background and branded colour swipes.


SHOWPO is the perfect example of an account who makes using Instagram story templates look simple. That’s mainly because it is!

To replicate this style, simply use a branded background image. In this case, SHOWPO have opted for a collage. You could create one similar in an app like Canva (more on this soon).

This is an effective way to include branded elements in Stories without having to customise elements each and every time you post.

Branded Colours and Fonts from The Wing

International co-working hub, The Wing delivers the goods. Teaming their harmonious colour palette with on-brand, informative Instagram Stories makes us feel all cuddly inside.

The Wing uses their logo, brand fonts and colours throughout their Stories. This makes their content’s aesthetic consistent, unique and interesting to look at.


The brand goes as far as to tag featured accounts in a branded colour, too. While the account tag appears to be uploaded directly on Instagram, the remaining elements of these templates seem pre-planned.

This would make it easier than ever for The Wing to switch in and out images and names, on Story 2 for example.

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This article is by DANIELLE READ from Sked Social